AbouT MerieM


The state-certified fashion designer and label founder Meriem Lebdiri is changing the view of fashion in Germany with her work, heralding a New Tomorrow in the fashion scene not only in this country, but also internationally. In her designs clear cuts meet flowing fabric. With her Algerian roots, Meriem manages to build bridges between cultures and thus raise diversity within the fashion landscape to a new level. Drawing her inspiration from strong and extraordinary women, Meriem aims to return the power over their bodies through fashion with her pieces.Her successes can be seen in her collaborations, whether renowned fashion houses, museums, fashion weeks or film & television. Meriem is able to contribute her expertise into many projects. As a fashion design lecturer, she especially enjoys helping the next generation of fashion designers become aware of diversity in the fashion scene.

„Fashion is more than the way you dress. It expresses and defines, who you really are. No compromises. Just you and your true self.“

Meriem Lebdiri

Photo by Anadolu Agency


As a consultant, Meriem manages to depict fashion in a culturally authentic way in film as well as on television. She also works with established online fashion houses such as Zalando and About You to bring Modest Fashion campaigns to life.



With her timeless, minimalist and sustainable designs, Meriem brings more diversity to the fashion world. With her unique designs, she manages to create room for women with desire for more fabric to express themselves freely. Her vision is to unite authenticity and reality in her fashion.



As a pioneer of Modest Fashion, Meriem speaks across the world's most important stages. In addition to London and Frankfurt Fashion Week, she also speaks to students as a lecturer, introducing them to the diverse world of fashion and its innovations.